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We ship worldwide.

For the shipping we use the services of Russian Post. Russian Post is a unitary enterprise which is the national postal operator of Russia. The company is responsible for the delivery of mail in Russia, and the issuing of postage stamps. Russian Post employs about 390,000 people and has over 42,000 post offices. In 2012 the Russian Post delivered more than 2.4 billion pieces of mail and accounted for more than 54 million parcels and more than 100 million in remittances.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs varies from product weight, dimensions and delivery address of your order.

Payment method

PayPal is used to securely send payments over the internet. You can choose to pay from your PayPal account balance, a credit card, debit card, or bank account. To make a PayPal purchase, select PayPal during checkout on the site and choose your method of payment.

PayPal is the largest debit electronic payment system. Allows customers to pay bills and purchase, send and receive money transfers.

PayPal gives you the option of paying and accepting payment in 23 currency types.

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